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Ranjeev Wassan

Brand Development

Diversity of Experiences

RANJEEV WASSAN, is not a new name in the IT industry, especially when we talks about the custom software development services. Ranjeev Wassan has proven his abilities in software development techniques which made the best software engineers among thousands of others. He is 10+ years expertise in multiple programming technologies as well as designing, server development and maintenance. He own an IT firm known as Kokri Web Solutions in which is located in Mohali, Punjab and serving the customers from past 10 years. He has shown interest in multiple categories and start few companies such as Hexahand Solutions, in which is serving across Canada and USA. Hexahand Solutions is providing the best Workforce & Staffing services to their customers. The other company known as Start Radio & TV, in which is providing the Radio/Audio & Video streaming services to their customers. We’d like to wish him luck for his achievements and his future goals.

Expertise & Skills

Radio & TV streaming
satellite tv


As CEO and Founder of Kokri Web Solutions, and all other above mentioned companies, Ranjeev is one of the leaders in today’s international strategy consulting industry and is widely recognized for him expertise in the implementation of change within the corporation.

Ranjeev started his career with Kokri Web Solutions in 2011, right after completing his schooling. He earned her Msc.IT with high distinction.

Career Management

Ranjeev has contributed to a number of leading management and business development companies, such as the Amber, as well as given speeches at leadership conferences within India. He has arrange multiple Industrial Trainings in various colleges and schools in order to encourage youngsters. As per the recent speech, “I want to taught to youngsters about the programming and others set of skills so they can be self depended and can help me to make this nation more beautiful”, he said.

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